How to Unlock iPhone 4 Passcode Without iTunes

Almost all iPhone users provide passcode to their smartphone in order to prevent unauthorized access. You sometimes save your important data in your iPhone which you don’t want anybody to access. So, you usually provide passcode protection to provide security to your smartphone. But often it also happens that you forget the set passcode and unable to access your smartphone. Each time when type the wrong passcode iPhone screen gets locked and you are unable to access it. In such conditions you need to perform IMEI iPhone Unlock in order to remove the passcode and easily ope your smartphone.

In most of the cases it happens that users try to unlock the iPhone passcode manually with the help of iTunes. But unlocking iPhone using iTunes is quite time-taking procedure and also very complicated. So, most of the novice who are not having much idea start finding the ways about how to crack iPhone passcode automatically. If you are also one of them who are looking for the ways to unlock iPhone then you have best options in the form of third-party Unlock iPhone Software.

With the help of comprehensive software you can easily break your iPhone passcode and can access your locked smartphone. The software is developed with advanced techniques and powerful algorithm using which you can unlock your passcode in just few simple clicks.

Features of iPhone Passcode Unlock Software

  • Easy to install and use
  • Unlock iPhone IMEI in few clicks
  • Easily break iPhone passcode
  • Permanently unlock your smartphone
  • Comes with graphical user interface
  • Best solution to break iPhone passcode
  • Break iPhone passcode without SIM card
  • Works with all models of iPhone including iPhone 2G, 3GS, 4S and 5

So, if you are looking for the ways to unlock your smartphone passcode then iPhone Passcode Unlock Software could be best solutions for you.

User Guide: How to Use iPhone IMEI Unlock Software


Download and install iPhone IMEI Unlock Software.


After installation connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and then start the program.


In this last step you have to follow the given instructions to unlock your smartphone.

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Best Way to Unlock iPhone Passcode

Apple iPhone comes with great security feature that enables you to protect your smart-phone from unauthorized access. This popular smartphone is having security architecture in the form of passcode, built on its hardware and software that restrict illegitimate access to your iPhone. If you have provided passcode protection to your iPhone then one can access your device only after providing the desired passcode otherwise not. Only owner of the iPhone who have set the passcode for the device is able to access the iPhone screen after providing the required passcode. Its no doubt that passcode is very good option of security available in your Apple iPhone but at the same time it is also true that in case you forget the passcode it will be quite impossible for you to access your smart-phone.

Most of the iPhone users experience such kinds of critical situations when they forget the set passcode and unable to open their smart-phone screen. In such situations, this security feature of device becomes a burden for you. but you don’t need to worry since Apple has provided passcode setting facilities so it has also offered facilities to unlock it. You can unlock it manually and can then restore your iPhone again.

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How To Unlock Iphone Without Sim Card

If you will unlock iPhone you can call on on any network. The person who is expensing more money on AT and T they can easily minimize their expenses by unlocking the device. Some iPhone users are in search of the alternative of this expensive plans. If you are also one of them then you should know that the best way to avoid AT and T extra cost is to unlock iPhone legally. But before unlocking iPhone you should have complete information about how to unlock iPhone IMEI. So, in this case you can try iPhone Unlock Software which is specially designed to unlock iPhone without SIM card with some special features. This software provides you easy and safe method to unlock iPhone of any models.

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Know How to Unlock iPhone IMEI Easily

iPhone occupies the top position in the list of smartphones. Apple has launched several series of iPhone in the market with unique features and functionalities. This wonderful smartphone has attracted large numbers of users within a short span of time. Since, it offers complete package of entertainment apart from communication features so being used by large numbers of people all over the world. But it has certain limitations also due to which you have to spend extra money on its use. Apple iPhone comes locked with particular network of AT & T which you are bound to use due to which you have to pay extra roaming charges and high value tarrifs. Unless you unlock iPhone IMEI you are restricted to use the particular network in a similar manner as you are not allowed to access your iPhone unless you unlock passcode of iPhone.

There are several iPhone users who don’t have much idea about IMEI number and how to unlock iPhone IMEI. If you are also one of them then you should know that it is unique number given to every smartphones of Apple which determine iPhone network. It is fifteen digit unique number which easily differentiate between GSM, WCDMA and iDEN mobiles. This very code is used while switching over networks. If you want to change your network then you need to change or unlock your IMEI number which is printed on SIM tray. It is possible to unlock this code manually and automatically both. You can also unlock iPhone without iTunes.

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